Campaign details

Brand: Bodyform/Libresse
Client: Essity
Agency: AMV BBDO


This is the story of what happens when you decide to break toxic taboos related to your category when everyone has been too scared or oblivious to even touch on them.

Or, as some haters said, it's "what happens when whores and pimps become marketers" (Online comment to Bloodnormal, Oct2017).

This is the story of how bold strategic thinking can not only build and reinvent a powerful brand platform - Live Fearless, inspire game-changing creativity, leave women feeling finally understood, men finally part of the conversation, help a challenger brand punch above its weight, revolutionise an entire category, overturn media bans, change culture, and transform a company's ethos.

Sometimes, it's worth pissing some people off- if it's making things right for so many more.