Campaign details

Brand: Barnardo's
Client: Barnardo's
Agency: FCB Inferno

'Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.' Sigmund Freud

The world is on fire.

Bad news and shocking imagery is everywhere you look.

It's no surprise people are turning away.

What can an individual do in the face of all of this?

We're living in a time of compassion fatigue.

Charities tried and tested methods are under threat.

Something needed to change.

So we ripped up the rulebook of charity comms to find something different.

'Believe in Me' brought the children's voice into the campaign.

It transformed them from victims into heroes.

Showed them as proud, defiant, resilient and optimistic.

It provoked 'awe' at their ability to find strength from their vulnerability.

And showed that no matter how dark their past, a brighter future awaits.