Banco Popular: The most popular song

Luis Toledo
JWT Puerto Rico

Summary – the most popular song

Puerto Rico is in the middle of a seven-year economic recession. This is a very challenging environment for any business, but especially for our client, Banco Popular, whose market penetration is about 46%.

In order to cope with this difficult situation, Banco Popular increased its service charges and took some other unpopular measures that affected its emotional bond with consumers, and its ability to attract and retain customers.

We devised a strategy to reconnect the brand to its essence of "Propeller of Progress" that would lead the client to an unprecedented fight against the country's ultimate barrier to progress: welfare dependency, Puerto Rico's new poverty.

We launched an unprecedented social and musical movement, in which the central idea consisted of convincing El Gran Combo -the most famous salsa band in the world – to rewrite the lyrics of one of their most emblematic hits: a song that celebrates laziness, this time with a completely different message, a positive and contagious message of work and progress.