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Brand: Baileys
Client: Diageo

Less soap box, more sprinkles: A story of global brand transformation

This is a paper about how getting back to basics can transform a brand and everyone that touches it.

Baileys had spent years exploring new ways to elevate their brand to something potent and culturally vital, examining the tensions that surround modern women around the world with the hope that overcoming those barriers would create meaningful connections with consumers.

But during that process they had begun to shy away from their product, eventually reaching the point that their liquid was playing a diminutive second fiddle to the cries and causes of their advertising. They had focussed on the spirit at the expense of the cream.

And ultimately, only once they had embraced the wonderful truth of what they are, and unapologetically put their liquid front and centre in the right way and in the right spaces, did they quickly begin to reap the benefits.