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Agency: Kemmler Kemmler


Most sustainable fashion brands sell themselves on the idea that buying their product will help save the world.

The fact is, this doesn't work.

Difficult as it is to admit, as long as the negative consequences of fast fashion aren't directly in front of people, they're easily overlooked.

And yet, beneath this awkward truth there lies another one that is even more uncomfortable: although information on the negative impact of fast fashion has never been clearer or more readily available, people still buy it. A lot.

Could it really be that, as long as something doesn't affect people directly, they simply don't care?

This was the challenge ARMEDANGELS faced ahead of the launch of its brand new line of sustainably produced denim. It almost didn't matter that this was one of the most environmentally responsible products on the market. To succeed, we had to break the echo chamber and find a different way to excite the world about shopping more sustainably.