Campaign details

Brand: National Counter Terrorism Police
Client: Police Federation of England
Agency: AMV BBDO


The difference between success and failure in foiling a terrorist plot can hinge on a seemingly innocuous fragment of information that crystallises otherwise random events into a detectable threat.

Counter Terrorism Policing came to us with a challenge - how to encourage a public who don't perceive the threat of terrorism to be an immediate part of their lives to feed these vital nuggets of information into the counter terrorism machine.

We learned about the realities of the terror threat, spoke directly to the British public about it, and encountered unexpected obstacles along the way.

Ultimately, we realised that the plain facts of counter terrorism are more compelling than any fiction, and so we brought them to life in the most engaging way possible; by allowing them to speak for themselves. Using the real words of the people at the heart of British counter terrorism, even terrorists themselves, we took the public right into the action in a series of gripping podcasts.