Art Series Hotel: Steal Banksy

Adam Ferrier, Matt Houltham and John Halpin


Melbourne's Art Series Hotels are a group of three boutique hotels with a focus on art – The Olsen, The Cullen and The Blackman. The hotels forecasted an occupancy slump over the Christmas period due to fewer corporate travellers.

The goal was to boost occupancy by selling 1,000 beds. This required a focus on leisure travellers, targeting an audience of art-interested patrons.

With a small all-inclusive marketing budget, our campaign needed to create scale AND motivate people to book as well as differentiating the Art Series from Melbourne's hundreds of quality hotels.

Our strategy emerged from three overlapping insights:

  1. Travel is all about experiences – they provide social currency
  2. Melbourne has a history of art theft – the only place where a Picasso has been stolen.
  3. Hotel patrons like to steal mementos – shampoo, towels etc.