To Hell and Back: How an expedition into an active volcano helped GE marketers

Chris Warren

How a scientific expedition into an active volcano helped GE marketers tell the story of the Industrial Internet, explain the company's own evolution, and help save lives.

Adventurer Sam Cossman discovered firsthand just how unwelcoming a spot it is when, this past summer, he repeatedly made the 1,200-foot descent by zip line. Cossman had initially been drawn to Nicaragua after receiving an unexpected email earlier in the year from a local bed and breakfast owner telling him something unusual was happening. "The Masaya crater had been in existence for hundreds of years and had only occasionally had lava in it," says Cossman, whose company Qwake leads expeditions that combine science and technology. "It suddenly had sprung to life with one of the world's only lava lakes. That was interesting to me because they are rare anomalies. There are only a few in the world and they give you a glimpse into the inner workings of the planet."