When Courtney Dahl came to Hilton Worldwide in 2010, it represented a change in direction for her. Having spent eight years doing agency work in account management roles at HZDC, History Factory, and Siddall, she moved into a position at Hilton, where her job in the company's food and beverage group entailed working with agencies and third-parties. Despite her shift to the client side, she never got over her love of agency work. And, not one to shy away from a challenge, she acted on it.

"I got this big, pie in the sky idea," says Dahl, who's now the director of the creative services group at Hilton. "What if we created an in-house agency that could take on maybe the low hanging fruit, such as production? We could save a ton of money and then we could not only report out on all those savings, but our marketing teams could have a better budget for producing things that maybe they didn't need to plan for. Or, if a really great opportunity came up, this would be the way they could afford to take advantage of it."