The state of viewability: Where the viewability standard sits today and where the industry goes from here

Alia Lamborghini

Viewability is 2015's buzzword, and for good reason. Last year, according to eMarketer, marketers spent more than $145 billion in online advertising and $42 billion in mobile, reflecting 122 percent year-over-year growth for mobile specifically. Consumers are spending more time on digital devices, and advertisers are allocating larger budgets to reach them.

What makes viewability important? Marketers expect that the right, real person sees an ad that appears within the appropriate content — no wasted impressions, no wasted ad budgets.

According to a recent Millennial Media white paper on the topic of viewability, marketers would allocate even larger budgets if they could be guaranteed they were reaching the right audiences. Without such guarantees, concerns around brand safety, ad fraud, and viewability leave marketers hesitant in their digital and mobile spending. This article presents key findings from that white paper, along with insights, trends, and marketer perceptions.

So what is viewability?