With strong product packaging, brands can break through at the store shelf.

Few consumer products speak to the power of packaging more than bottled water. After all, for the most part, water is water. However, in a category filled with hundreds of global, well-established brands, including the likes of Aquafina, Dasani, and Nestlé, CORE Natural Water stands out. Launched in 2015, the brand's unique ergonomic custom bottle, wide-mouth translucent blue cap, and "perfect pH" marketing push the packaging envelope.

"Everyone else is talking about mountains and springs and purity, but CORE speaks, unabashedly, to the fitness culture," says Renee Whitworth, partner at Flood Creative, the agency that created the brand's bottle design. "The packaging disrupted the entire water narrative."

Whether the materials and design used to wrap, contain, and protect a product actually disrupt a category or simply connect with consumers more effectively to boost sales, packaging plays an essential role in the overall shopping experience. Companies are clearly paying attention, with a majority committing more resources to packaging-related design, marketing, and materials, according to BRANDPackaging's "The Power of Packaging: 2018 State of Industry Report."