As the owner of Happy Traveler, an Orlando, Fla.-based provider of guidance and inspiration to single-parent families looking to vacation, Hillary Bressler is open to sharing promotional offers from tour companies and hotels eager to attract the thousands of single moms who have joined her Facebook page.

It just doesn't happen much. "I've only seen two promotional travel-related offers geared toward single parents," Bressler says. "I posted them to my [Facebook] group and they got ripped to shreds."

Why? The proposed dates of an offer from a tour company, to attractive locales such as Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Egypt, were in September, at the start of a new school year. "Who travels in the first week of school?" Bressler says, recalling the common reaction from her group. "Another offer was from a hotel in Chicago marketing a New Year's Eve promotion. They offered a free breakfast and a welcome gift, and the group was like, 'What does this have to do with single parents? Nothing. They don't understand our needs.'"