Enduring brands are built by people, not by ads, clicks, or views. While marketing has traditionally taken the lead in communicating the corporate brand promise, it's people from all around the organization who do the meticulous work of successfully bringing that promise to life.

Employees do many things, often behind the scenes, that are "on brand" across dozens of customer touchpoints. And that's precisely why human resources (HR) must play a significant role in the brand-building process.

The Challenge

The digital age has brought forth exceptional corporate transparency. To productively drive cohesion and a seamless customer experience, organizations must communicate internally with employees as aggressively and consistently as they do externally with customers.

Branding is no longer just about developing a visual identity and an external promise to customers; it's about creating a compelling customer experience, delivered by the entire organization. Employee-based brand equity is achieved with HR practices at the core.

What HR Gains from Partnering with Marketing