As digital marketing takes over, these brands are using print to stand out.

There's no question that technology has changed the landscape of modern marketing. But while many advertisers are swapping traditional channels for digital ones, 2016 research from MarketingSherpa suggests that the more conventional marketing methods, like print, still elicit a high level of trust from consumers. According to the study, 82 percent of respondents said they trust newspapers and magazines the most when making a purchase decision, and 76 percent said they trust ads and catalogues received in the mail. By comparison, the highest-ranking online formats, search engine ads and digital video ads, were trusted by 61 percent and 47 percent of consumers, respectively.

That's good news for brands that lean on print to reach consumers, including tech giant Amazon, which recently took a more traditional step with its marketing. Last month, rumors circulated that Amazon would be publishing a holiday toy catalogue, not unlike the 100-page "Big Book" catalogue once mailed out by the now-defunct Toys "R" Us retailer. Amazon's move suggests that print isn't dead, but rather a crucial component of a brand's journey to tell its story through strategic, innovative marketing.