It's the kind of ultra-modern training facility any professional sports team would envy.

Located in the upscale Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea, the seven-story building features a collection of training rooms, where athletes and coaches can practice, evaluate performances, and brainstorm new game strategies. Personal trainers and sports psychologists are on site to help ensure players are in the best mental and physical shape possible; nutritious meals are always available in the cafeteria; and when players aren't practicing, a lounge area helps them unwind with a game of table tennis or darts.

While the facility would be a great fit for any professional soccer or basketball team, it's actually the training hub for a host of e-sports teams owned and managed by Gen.G Esports, including Seoul Dynasty and Gen.G LoL. (A similar facility is now being constructed in Los Angeles, Calif.)

"These facilities revolutionize what a sports team infrastructure looks like," says Chris Park, who recently left his job as EVP of product and marketing at Major League Baseball (MLB) to become CEO at Gen.G. "In the traditional world, it's a souped-up gym. But ours is a 24/7 content production center and a place where players can stream to their fans when they're not competing and otherwise create opportunities for fans to interact with our brand and discover content associated with Gen.G separate from game results and tournaments."