Change or die: Focusing marketing strategy, structure, and capabilities for 21st-century growth

Chuck Kapelke

What will it take to be a winning marketing organization in the year 2020, and how can marketing best focus and organize to support business growth in the decade to come?

To answer these questions, the ANA and its partners in the World Federation of Advertisers have sponsored an ambitious initiative called Marketing 2020, an unprecedented effort to leverage the insights and experience of thousands of the most successful global chief marketing leaders, brand managers, agency heads, and others, across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The goal is to help marketers gain clarity — 20/20 vision, as it were — as they steer their organizations through a transformative era, when buzzwords like "social," "transparency," and "big data" have become business imperatives, and marketers increasingly find themselves pushed into the driver's seat to guide their company's growth strategies.