Campaign details

Brand: Zantiis (Bangkok Treasures Co., Ltd)

Campaign Planning

Despite many hand washing instruction campaigns, the result has not been favorable since many still do not clean their hands well and long enough, resulting in contagious diseases caused by germs or viruses we catch from our hands. Also, some germs or viruses can not be killed by alcohol-based hand gel, but can be prevented by proper hand washing in the right length of time. Zantiis, an organic skincare brand, cares about the wellbeing of everyone and is aware of the problem of people not washing their hands properly. With this in mind, Zantiis has come up with a creative way to help ensure good health and wellness which at the same time highlights the brand's core value.

Marketing & Media Strategy

To draw people's attention to 20-second-hand-washing time, Zantiis have created Clean Light Hand Soap, a ground-breaking communicative tool, in addition to a video clip that demonstrates how to clan hands that was shared on Facebook to launch it further onto other online platforms. Moreover, we have also given away a total of 1,500 soap bars at Zantiis counters in three shopping malls. To receive a free bar of soap, the consumer had to share the video on Facebook by clicking Like and Share to spread the campaign. Also, events in schools were organized to educate children in how to clean their hands. Clean Light Hand Soap was innovated to be a fun education tool, being able to make people aware of the importance of 20-second-hand washing rule and generating a new habit to stay clear from Norovirus.

Creative Strategy