Campaign details

Advertiser: VOO Telecom
Brand: VOO
Agency: Happiness/An FCB Alliance
Country: Belgium

Campaign Summary

Over 50% of people experience 'Buffer Rage' every day, a state of uncontrollable anger, induced by the interruption of online content or streaming video. We all know how it feels to stare at this ever-turning buffering wheel. To promote the fact that VOO telecom has Belgium's fastest internet, we decided to hijack that symbol of rage and frustration: the actual buffering wheel. So, for the first time ever, whenever somebody is uploading or streaming video and a buffering wheel appears, the VOO message appears too: Load up to 2 times faster with VOO. To do so we wrote some code, set up a collaboration with Belgium's biggest media partners and added our line of code to the code of their buffering wheel. By doing so we made sure that every time somebody was confronted with the problem, they were also confronted with the solution.

Marketing Context