Campaign details

Advertiser: Taiwan Star Telecom
Brand: Taiwan Star Telecom
Agency: X-Line Co
Country: Taiwan

Campaign Summary

Due to the high popularity of unlimited data plans, Taiwan ranked World No. 1 of spending the longest time using the internet on mobile devices every day. It even caused large number of "Macular Degeneration" (MD, also call "Eye Cancer") patient to appear. T-Star, Taiwan's smallest mobile carrier, was supposed to encourage the public to use cellphones more to promote business, but, decided to launch the Black Spot campaign to help people prevent MD. After the campaign launched in 2 weeks, more than 1/5 of Taiwanese people clicked and viewed the film, and it also made "MD" reached the highest searching frequency. At last, it urged legislators in Taiwan to promote legislation. It also made Taiwanese changed cellphone using behavior spontaneously. This is the very first enterprise in Taiwan voicing for the issue (probably the pioneer in all mobile carriers worldwide).

Marketing Context