SPC: #MyFamilyCan

Due to a batch of contaminated imports Australia was experiencing a Hepatitis outbreak, causing nationwide alarm about country of origin food labelling. While the nation debated, Australia's largest fruit processor and cannery went to extraordinary lengths to show where their food is from. SPC leveraged the thing at the heart of the issue - the labelling - to create a packaging platform called #MyFamilyCan. We dedicated SPC's iconic advertising real estate to Australian farming families, converting 4 million cans into an educational media space in every major Australian supermarket. Consumers no longer scoured fine print for food they trust. They instinctively bought familiar faces. These cans went into millions of households and ignited a nationwide labelling conversation; families all over Australia were questioning everything they were consuming and also passionately supporting Australian farmers. Due to the overwhelming response for #MyFamilyCan a rerun was ordered within 2 days, paving the way for nationwide labelling change.