Campaign details

Brand: Sony Music Entertainment
Agency: The Amazement Agency / Sony Music Entertainment
Country: USA

Marketing context

With Latin music becoming a global success in 2017 and with massive amounts of new music releases every Friday, Sony Music Latin and The Amazement Agency were able to bring Carlos Vives personally to fan on their mobile phone or desktop.

Campaign planning

This campaign was shared by Carlos Vives on all of his social media channels. He also shared and replied to many of the posts by his fans of their reactions to receiving his personalized message.

Marketing and media strategy

The marketing plan was based off organic social media posts by the artist Carlos Vives, which were amplified across the region, no media dollars were invested in the marketing of the campaign in order to make this feel like an organic campaign created by the artist. The social impact was viral, causing fans to be the ones carrying the message for the artist and spreading the word across their own social media profiles with videos of the experience lived.

Creative strategy