Campaign details

Brand: PENNY
Agency: Serviceplan Gruppe fuer innovative Kommnunikation GmbH & Co. KG
Country: GERMANY

Marketing Context

Sustainability is an essential topic for groceries and a big chance, too. The idea of replacing plastic bags with an alternative bag is a good case study for the press, but not the solution of a worldwide problem: groceries are not avoiding plastic because the customers still purchase a new bag every time they shop at the store. It is in PENNY's DNA to create unconventional campaigns so we created an unconventional solution to avoid buying new bags by simply giving the customers a cashback.

Campaign Planning

With the launch of the bags. we also published a lot of different measures to gain awareness and feedback from the press. On our website people could find out more interesting facts about plastic, how our give bag was made and what happens with the 10 Cent donation PENNY gives to a good cause by every time a customer is using the bag.

Marketing & Media Strategy