Mountain Dew Kickstart comes alive

Mountain Dew recently launched Mtn Dew Kickstart, a drink that combined DEW, juice, and caffeine. Armed with an insight that "staying in is the new going out", we positioned Mtn Dew Kickstart as a "pre–game drink" that would give young guys the kick they need to get off their couches and have some fun. And what better place to promote it than during the pre–game festivities of the country's biggest sporting event? We helped grow the new brand– even against the backdrop of a declining soft drink category that's seen a 25% drop in sales over the last two decades. And in the end, we surpassed our ambitious YTD awareness, engagement and sales benchmarks ahead of schedule.

Campaign Goals:

Our challenge was a familiar two-fold one: penetration and retention. We needed to…

  1. fill the bucket, by converting energy drink fans


  1. help slow the leak, with a highly appealing product to carbonated soft drink (CSD) drinkers/ potential defectors