Campaign details

Advertiser: BMW
Brand: MINI
Agency: Serviceplan Germany
Country: Germany

Campaign Summary

Drivers spend more than 50 hours in traffic jams every year. MINI Connected now helps them find the fastest way with Real-Time Traffic Information. We let pedestrians in Berlin experience this benefit for themselves. By fitting doors, ladders and stairs to special billboards, we created secure shortcuts for pedestrians that saved by to 12 minutes. People could i.e. cut short across a soccer field, climb a wall, pass through a fence and a brick wall passage. This is how thousands of pedestrians experienced the time-saving feature that comes with every MINI Connected system. Our video documentary generated lots of buzz on social media (12.7m impressions in only one week). The response was overwhelming: MINI was even asked to build shortcuts in other cities. So we could not only explain our core feature of the MINI Connected system but claim our leadership as expert brand for creative urban solutions.

Marketing Context