Campaign details

Advertiser: McDonald's
Brand: McDonald's
Agency: Leo Burnett Manila
Country: Philippines

Campaign Summary

McDonald's continually finds opportunities to strengthen its bond with families. With multiple fast foods competing for the target's attention, McDonald's aims to be the most relevant brand in the family's life. During "Undas" (The Day of the Dead) in the Philippines, families flock to cemeteries to be with their loved ones, even staying overnight. Food becomes all-important but getting it is difficult, with clogged roads and massive crowds. In the middle of the cemetery, we put up the McDelivery Pin, a 14-foot tall landmark, linked to the McDelivery app.

It's a convenient pick-up point in the wide, crowded area. Searchable on online maps, so the rider and customer can easily find each other. The customer simply orders via the app with the Pin as the delivery point. Merging Filipino tradition with modern-day service, the McDelivery Pin effectively gained the trust of Filipino families, improving brand imagery scores and McDelivery sales.