Mawbima National Newspaper: COVER RACISM

As a result of a 26 year-long war, Sri Lanka - a multi-racial society - is still emotionally scarred. With the aim of changing this situation, Mawbima, one of Sri Lanka's most important national newspapers saw an opportunity on the Sinhala and Tamil New Year - a festival of equal significance to both majority Sinhalese and Tamils -to bring them together by creating a unique and non-traditional execution piece which was in the form of a plate covering that encouraged the habit of sharing amongst the two races and with it helped build unity amongst the two races, in keeping with traditions of the festival.

Marketing Context:

With the end of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, media outlets were indirectly and some directly sensationalizing racism to further their own gains. However, Mawbima, recognized and appreciated widely for their courageous journalism and its strict stand against racism, wanted to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year - Sri Lanka's most significant cultural festival - by keeping true to its values of peace and harmony. To do so, they challenged us to find a way which would unite the two ethnic groups.