Campaign details

Brand: Indian Motorcycle
Agency: Team One
Country: USA

Marketing Context

Indian Motorcycle was America's first motorcycle company, with a history of legendary feats and firsts. But the brand fell on hard times post-WWII, ultimately going bankrupt. When Indian was relaunched in 2013, it faced an uphill battle: Harley Davidson dominated the American motorcycle market, with 72.3% share. Worse, the US motorcycle market overall was declining, as Boomers aged out and motorcycles struggled to connect with a younger audience. We were awarded the business in late 2014, Indian was at a dismal 2.6% share and was the seventh most purchased motorcycle brand. 

With marketing budgets seven times smaller than Harley's, our challenge was to steal their share by finding a way to connect with a dwindling, but still passionate, audience of American riders — in a credible and differentiated way. For a brand that had been absent for nearly 50 years, this was no small task. These included: the first motorcycle brand launched in the US (1901); first two-speed motorcycle transmission; first V-Twin engine; first adjustable front suspension; first electric lights and starter; land-speed record holder for under 1000cc motorcycles, set in 1967 and still unbroken in 2017.  (Sources: Indian Motorcycle Sales Dashboard, CY2014. Q4 2014 was when we were awarded the Indian business. Marketline Industry Profile, Motorcycles in the United States, November 2016. Indian Motorcycle Sales Dashboard, CY2014.)

Campaign Planning