Campaign details

Brand/Sponsor: Hornbach

Title: You Are Alive. Do You Remember?

Campaign Cost: $5-10 million

Campaign Scope: standardized_format

Advertising Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin

Product Type: Brand Campaign

Campaign Start: 03/19/2016

Campaign Ends: 05/01/2016

Campaign Ran: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Check Republic, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Romania

Campaign Description: brand identity building

Campaign Summary

In today´s digital world, people easily forget about the analogue reality and haptic experiences. HORNBACH, as the quintessence of authentic, physical gardening experiences, wanted to remind the people of the satisfying experiences while working on a backyard project. Our TV commercials focus on the ambivalence that DIY 'looks' uncomfortable, but 'feels' pleasurable. Although our hero violently tumbles through nails and stones, he's loving every moment of it. Online we enable sensory experienced online shopping. HORNBACH reanimated sensual DIY memories, which significantly improved the brand's profile.

  • +10pp "This is a brand that shares a true passion for DIY"
  • +10pp "This is a brand that is a true authority when it comes to DIY" The positive resonance resulted in unbelievable results.
  • 17Mio€ Earned Media
  • +17% in intention to visit
  • +16% purchase intention
  • +27% in gardening items.

Marketing Context