Campaign details

Agency: Heimat Werbeagentur GmHB
Country: GERMANY

Marketing context

2017 was dominated by one topic: The gender debate. An ideologically poisoned discussion, even in Germany, a country that sees itself as a front-runner in building awareness for minorities. But two political milestones proved that it was time for new thinking: Germany's recognition of a 'third sex' and the legalization of same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, the world was seeing the fastest moving social change in decades. It started with the revelations, then the conversations about the revelations, and finally the hashtags (#metoo #balancetonporc #itwasme) Weinstein. Spacey. We saw men falling. And women standing up. Against sexual harassment. Against stereotypes.

While fundamental changes happen in the world, nothing really happens in the world of DIY. Autumn is the time when HORNBACH's customers all start "hibernating" for the DIY winter. This time, however, HORNBACH broke the media silence of the industry with a campaign that spoke volumes without relying on a single word.

Campaign planning