Campaign details

Advertiser: Hornbach Holding
Brand: Hornbach Baumarkt
Agency: Heimat Werbeagentur Gmbh
Country: Germany

Campaign Summary

For years, DIY superstore chain Hornbach has connected to their customers through a common passion: Creating greatness with your own bare hands. But how could they win over new DIY enthusiast? By making a groundbreaking step into an area where no DIY-brand had dared to go before: Design. Introducing: The Hornbach Werkstück Edition. Together with prestigious Danish designer Sigurd Larsen, Hornbach released a high-end design Lounge Chair that cannot simple be bought. You have to actually build it yourself. From scratch, with your own bare hands. And with exclusive materials that only exist at Hornbach. For the first time, a home improvement superstore went beyond its traditional territory, all by staying true to the brand´s rigorous DIY philosophy. Because true value lies in the dedication of true makers.

Marketing Context