Campaign details

Brand: Gatorade:The Sports Fuel Company
Agency: FleishmanHillard
Country: USA

Marketing context

This was a first and one-time campaign. It had never been done before and will (likely) never be repeated in NASCAR. Consumers have seen the Gatorade dunk across many other sports, especially at their pinnacle moments, like the Super Bowl or NBA Championship, but its motorsports debut was a pleasant surprise to Johnson, his fans and the media who cover him.

Campaign planning

Gatorade implemented this campaign to break through the crowded sponsor space of NASCAR and bring widespread attention to a roster athlete's accomplishment. After numerous brainstorms on best ways to generate a large amount of attention during and after the event, FleishmanHillard developed the execution and strategic media outreach.

Marketing and media strategy

Because Jimmie Johnson is an athlete with mass appeal beyond traditional sports media, we targeted lifestyle and entertainment media, which yielded placements in a variety of top-tier outlets.

Creative strategy