Campaign details

Brand: Das Handwerk
Agency: Heimat Werbeagentur GmHB
Country: GERMANY

Marketing context

Teenagers these days want a quick and easy road to success. They are flocking to universities, or becoming fashion bloggers or YouTubers. But the German crafts sector needs new master craftsmen, because their number is falling. And although the German master craftsman education provides unique and high quality training, the journey to becoming a certified master craftsman is long and hard. Therefore, the German crafts sector "Das Handwerk" started a movement in 2014, to get young people excited about craft and recruit them. For this it was important to continuously find hidden potentials. "The Way of the Master" was meant to spur motivated young people to act.

Campaign planning

The big question: How do we get young people excited about the tough road towards becoming a certified master craftsman again? We didn't want to gloss over the tough training it takes to become a master. Instead, we celebrate the difficulties and draw parallels with the storied and strenuous training undertaken by legends of the martial arts film genre. In martial arts as in craft work, it's only with great commitment that one is finally able to surpass one's limitations. And the result is worth it: Nobody will be able to take the skills that you've honed and perfected. Our imaginative analogy captured the professional fulfillment, joy and pride waiting at the other end when, finally, one becomes a master. A feeling well worth walking the tough, long road. And that's exactly what craftsmen are envied for, even by teenagers.

Marketing and media strategy