Campaign details

Brand: CommonWealth Bank
Agency: M&C Saatchi

Marketing Context

Despite the large segment size, banks in Australia have typically adapted their mass market campaigns for migrant audiences. CommBank decided to take an altogether different approach by designing a totally new campaign for the cultural context of Chinese and Indian migrants. It was critical that the campaign was authentic and reflective of their respective cultures, as any hint of tokenism or cultural appropriation was likely to undermine trust and affinity for the brand.

Campaign Planning

Chinese and Indian communities in Australia are hard to reach via traditional media. In addition, there are potential brand reputational risks with some media, as many Chinese publications and websites have strong political leanings. For both communities, it was clear they retained a connection to their homeland and culture through cinema ('Bollywood' style and Chinese language films). With industry figures showing 70% of Chinese and Indian Australians went to the cinema in 2015 and non-English films for these communities seeing strong growth (60% year on year for Bollywood and 200% year on year for South East Asian film, 2014-2015), cinema was identified as an ideal primary channel. Using media placements around foreign language films enabled us to effectively reach and engage our target audience with minimal wastage. Put simply, it ensured that those who saw the campaign would be almost exclusively from within those communities.

Marketing & Media Strategy