Campaign details

Brand: Citrix
Agency: Havas
Country: USA

Marketing Context

Since the target audiences included everyone from business and IT decision makers, to tech millennials to F1 data junkies, it was crucial that we use language that appealed to their needs, while still encompassing the energy and innovation of the Red Bull Racing. From a strategic standpoint, Citrix wanted to leverage its technical expertise and emerge as a thought leader in the 'Future of Work' space. But since the phrase itself had become something of a buzzword, we needed to develop a message and platform that would stand out from its primary competitors like VMware. So we took our target audience out of the server room, out of the lab, and into the real world.

Campaign Planning

We wanted to create signature assets for the Citrix Red Bull Racing partnership that were unique and leading edge to reflect their energy, creativity, and drive to push the boundaries. These assets were leveraged throughout an entire digital ecosystem to engage our audience at every touch point—in digital properties, interactive online properties like the custom microsite and the landing page, case study videos, pre-roll and TV spots, digital banners, social media, print and OOH activations. All assets were designed to be scalable and flexible, leveraging a multi-tiered approach to maximize investment and drive deeper customer engagement as the partnership grows. Using leading edge and engaging technologies, we created a dynamic set of core visual assets that demonstrate how Citrix technologies support, improve, and optimize the Red Bull Racing car and global team performance—on and off the track.

Marketing & Media Strategy