Campaign details

Brand: Aetna
Agency: Aetna
Country: USA

Marketing Context

Our first-time campaign is designed to be relevant to all audiences since achieving good health is a universal goal. However our target markets were: Jacksonville, Houston, Atlanta and Philadelphia. To give our campaign even more local impact, our advertising also used custom, local photography that depicts:

  • Epic locations that are both recognizable and bring a sense of pride to the residents of the city;
  • People engaged in activities that represent a unique, individual health journey, ambition or activity.

Campaign Planning

The campaign is centered on: You don't join us, we join you. So our plan ensured people understood how Aetna did just that. Our advertising highlighted services such as wellness coaching, fertility services, and care management. These demonstrated how Aetna can help people achieve their health goals – no matter what they are on their journey. The new brand website tied it all together. provided supplemental content like articles on introducing mindfulness to kids or health questions to ask before you're 65.

On social, the conversation continued as complimentary posts spread the word about interesting hub topics. Aetna's Lavender Billboard in Houston was a larger than life extension of our campaign. The calming scent of lavender can help you reduce stress, so Aetna built a 40ft wall of it to help give the people of Houston a moment of relaxation.

Marketing & Media Strategy