AI can never be a substitute for passion: world record master brings another choice to brand marketing

In addition to Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOC), Guinness World Record holders have become the third option for KOL/KOC marketing propositions. People are already very familiar with the various Guinness world challenges that are often seen in life, but they may not know how to gain insights behind the fact that brands use them to complete marketing tasks, and how to use brands/products and talents as experts. The meeting point of the record holder to effectively convey the selling point. In such a Barney era, the spiritual core of "pursuing excellence" of these record holders has become a scarce resource. Today, there are not a few brands that communicate by witnessing world records, helping them to convey brand spirit, characteristics, or stories that are of interest to the audience and the meaning of life that can inspire them.

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