Executive Summary

The Central Coast, NSW. If you lived in Sydney in 2017 chances are you had nothing good to say about it. We developed a broad marketing initiative that transformed the Central Coast from Central Bogan to "Tourism Boom"1in just six months. How did we change perceptions so dramatically? Using digital media as an innovative research tool, we created our own 1st party data and empirically tested positionings. Data-driven insights underpinned a campaign that generated $46M in additional tourism. This paper shows how using data in new ways delivered the Coast's highest-ever tourism numbers and a whopping ROI of 53:1.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

The Central Coast (Coast) is located in New South Wales (NSW), approximately a one hour's drive north of Sydney. It's the third largest urban area in NSW, and has a population of 307,742.2 Tourism is one of the largest industries on the Coast, and is critical to overall economic development in the region.3 Tourism generally comes from domestic overnight and day trip visitors, the majority of whom originate their travel from within greater NSW (85%), with most coming to the Coast from Sydney (65%).4