Executive Summary

It's not often that an advertising campaign gets adult Australians to take action – without tangible incentive, and in the face of an uncomfortable truth: that the excuses we make for disrespect, allow violence against women to grow.

While Phase One of the Effie-winning campaign Stop it at the Start established this truth, Phase Two tackled the arguably tougher objectives of getting Australians to reconcile their role and respond.3 This time, in a polarised climate, and on half the spend.

But, it's early days yet. Because it'll be another generation before the campaign's full effect is felt.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

What was the strategic communications challenge?


It all began on the 17th April 2015, with a commitment from the Australian Government to change an unsettling reality: if you're an Australian woman over 15, violence from an intimate partner is your most likely cause of preventable death, disability and ill-health.4