Executive Summary

This is the story about Telstra taking on its competitors on their turf and winning.

By tapping into young Australians' latent anxiety around data in an entertaining way, Telstra was able to connect with this fickle audience, resulting in its most successful pre-paid campaign on record.1 The digitally-led campaign stemmed the long-term decline and even put Telstra Pre-Paid back into growth, generating profit for every dollar spent.

All this, despite a significant price premium in a commoditised category, an audience that saw Telstra as a brand for their parents, and a string of national network outages.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

What was going on in your category? Provide information on the category, marketplace, company, competitive environment, target audience and/or the product /service that created your challenge and your response to it.

Our brief was to stem the decline of Telstra Pre-Paid and return it to growth by tapping into the biggest pre-paid market: