Executive Summary

In their relentless drive for customers the gambling brands have resorted to screaming offers and promotions at people. It's annoying and misses the point.

TAB hit gold with the realization that gambling isn't really about winning money, so relying on monetary offers and promotions would only get them so far. Winning in gambling required a deeper connection.

Head vs Heart didn't shout, it asked a very simple question instead – how will you bet?

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

Betting is big in Australia

Aussies love to gamble. Based on per capita spending, we are the most prolific gamblers in the world (Brand Tracking Agency, 2018). Gambling is part of our cultural heritage and national identity. Our biggest moments are celebrated with a punt on the Melbourne Cup or playing Two Up on ANZAC Day.

The Soccer World Cup (SWC) is especially big for business

The SWC accounts for roughly the same volume of betting as an entire Aussie Rules season. Only thing is, SWC happens every four years, last in 2014 and more recently in 2018.