Schweppes: The Cocktail Revolution

Agency: George Patterson Y&R

Advertiser: Schweppes

Authors: Tom Dingand and Michael Hyde

Total Campaign Expenditure: $2 – 5 million

Executive Summary

With their Cocktail Revolution campaign, Schweppes have reinvented mixed drinks for the Jamie Oliver generation.

By championing creative drinking over 'boring beer and wine' and through a combination of ATL media, path-to-purchase activity, and a ground-breaking 500 page website, the campaign delivered the following results:

  • Double-digit growth for the entire mixing category (when it was previously stagnating)
  • 14.8% YOY growth in sales during the campaign period (versus 1% pre-campaign)
  • Sustained growth following the campaign period
  • A positive ROI using short-term sales alone, with many additional brand benefits

Strategic communications challenge