Executive Summary

The EOFY period is a huge retail event, yet those who have the most to gain from EOFY shopping (business owners) were not maximising the opportunity presented to them.

Officeworks took on the challenge of getting more business owners to reap the rewards of tax time, knowing that, as a non-discounter, they couldn't compete with the shouty promotional deals that dominated the period. They instead reframed the EOFY opportunity in a way that left no doubt about the benefit of shopping at Officeworks.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

'Tax time' presents a huge opportunity for businesses

The period leading up to the end of the financial year (= EOFY) is one of the busiest retail periods in Australia, with people spending in the realm of AU$25.9 billion.1 For context, around AU$8.92 billion is spent on presents at Christmas time.2 It is an opportune time for business owners to make last-minute purchases to capture tax deductions in the current financial year.