Executive Summary

We'll be upfront. This isn't a paper about the effectiveness of advertising alone. Although we can, and have, isolated its sizeable impact. This is a story about what happens when you take the modern marketing maxim "everything communicates" seriously. It was a comms idea born out of collaboration, that lived on pack and in every bite. Making Abbott's Village Bakery a breadwinner.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

Cookie cutter no longer cutting it

In 2009, Helga's – in all its rustic, flour-dusted glory – was absolutely rolling in dough as a category of one.

George Weston Foods wanted in, and so rose to the occasion by the name of Abbott's Village Bakery.

For a while, things were idyllic. Little loaves of 'free range' bread leapt through rolling fields… bread flew off the shelves.... And sure,

we made our gains.

But fast forward to 2017, why weren't the gains continuing?