Honda Odyssey: Be our best critic

Leo Burnett Melbourne
Honda Australia

Total Campaign Expenditure

$470,000 total campaign expenditure

What was the strategic communications challenge?

The strategic communications challenge was to launch the all-new 2014 Honda Odyssey to reinvigorate the model and rebuild trust in the Honda brand.

Australian's don't love People Movers, they love SUVs

There are a total of 14 brands within the People Mover category, competing for approximately 10,000 units in annual sales1. People Movers have been in decline year on year, as SUVs grow in popularity amongst family car buyers 2.

The view amongst a growing number of new car buyers, especially amongst mums, was that people movers were too much of a compromise in style and street appeal3, especially compared to the ever-popular SUVs. Buying a people mover meant sacrificing on fun, style and 'wow' factor. People movers were described as van-like, 'a kids' taxi' that lacked dynamism and style.4