Executive Summary

Australia. The land of sun, surf… and beers. Throughout the years we've been known for our local brewing giants. The VB's. The XXXX Gold's. The Toohey's New's. They were what Aussies drank and are as much a part of our cultural DNA as Vegemite. But in 2015, the mainstream Australian beer category had been in steady decline for six years – which wasn't great news for our client, Carlton & United Breweries. Our challenge? Launch a new beer at scale that epitomised our country and recaptured the hearts, minds and mouths of modern-day Australians and return a bloody good ROI as well.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

A tough climate for mainstream beers

Beer brands such as XXXX Gold and VB are part of the cultural fibre of our country. But they, and the category they're part of (what's colloquially called the mainstream beer category) were under attack, driven by three main factors:

  1. The growth of craft and premium import beers