Beam Suntory: Keeping Australians 'Over Beer' for 5 years

The Works
Canadian Club (Beam Suntory)

Executive summary

Not long ago, the Australian alcohol landscape was dominated by beer. After a few cold ones, some people might switch to a Ready To Drink (RTD) combination offered by Beam-Suntory. Then a tax hike on RTDs made this less likely. The future of RTDs was bleak. Until Canadian Club and Dry stood up to be counted. Discovering that 'beer boredom' was an actual thing, and an audience of younger drinkers was gasping for a change of flavour, we set out to achieve the highly improbable. Get Aussies 'Over Beer' and stay 'Over Beer'. Four years later, the results make for very refreshing reading.

Total Campaign Expenditure

$32 million (2010 to 2014) — includes production.

What was the strategic communications challenge?

The business challenge: Finding growth in a no-growth market