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Agency: The Monkeys

Executive Summary

By treating 'Over Beer?' as a big culturally-provocative idea, not just a bumper sticker, Canadian Club became the catalyst for all Australians to question the unquestionable: is it time to ditch our cultural commitment to beer?

By asking 'The Big Question', Canadian Club took it to a whole new level, leaving the category in its dust – achieving an incremental +$35M value sales uplift year-on-year, growing drinkers at three times the category. Best of all; Canadian Club overtook Bundaberg Rum in value sales for the first time in history.

Total Campaign Expenditure

What was the strategic communications challenge?

This isn't a story about rescuing a brand from the brink of oblivion.

As recently as 2015, Canadian Club won the Grand Effie for long-term effectiveness. But no sooner had the team high-fived each other for that, everything went pear shaped and optimism was replaced with anxiety.