Art Series Hotels: Steal Banksy

Entry Number: 245

Agency: Naked Communications

Advertiser: Art Series Hotels

Author: Adam Ferrier, Matt Houltham and Aliya Hasan

Total Campaign Expenditure: Under $500K

Strategic communications challenge

The Art Series Hotels are a group of luxury hotels in Australia, which house an array of sought-after artworks. Each hotel is dedicated to a famous Australian artist (Adam Cullen, Charles Blackman and John Olsen), where guests enjoy a multifaceted art themed experience.

The business segment makes up a large proportion of guests to the hotels, travelling interstate for short stays. This ensures great occupancy rates and return visitation during the 'working year' but posed a problem in the summer period of mid December to Mid January (before the Australian Open starts Jan 15). The hotels normally enjoy occupancy rates of between 80 and 100% year round, except for this one month.