Executive Summary

ALDI is proudly Good Different. In the past our highly effective brand platform has been used to demystify how we help shoppers save. However, in a world of high low pricing and shiny loyalty rewards cards offered by our competitors, true value is becoming harder and harder for shoppers to decode. This is the story of how Good Different helped us take on the misleading and minimal benefits offered by these 'saving schemes' and cement ALDI as the value leader in the category. The work delivered an increase in sales, and an outstanding ROI.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

ALDI had established how being Good Different could unlock category defying growth

After launching our new positioning, Good Different, in 2017, ALDI had managed to defy 'slowth' and grow at the category average.1 More and more shoppers had begun to see ALDI as a "supermarket for people like me",2 as they began to understand how we did things differently, to help them save money. Not only did it help us shift the ingrained biases towards us as a discount supermarket; it had also proved hugely profitable for ALDI as a business.3