Mutually inclusive

Tom Woodnutt
Tom Woodnutt Ltd

Planning 3.0: The feeling is mutual

The future is about Mutuality Planning, focusing on the value brands and consumers can give to each other through a strategy of co-operation, openness and reward

Over 30 years ago, Charles Channon defined planning as a combination of evaluating insights, developing communications objectives and making them inspiring and meaningful ('The problem of planning' Admap, December 1978). While the definition may still be relevant the context has fundamentally changed. Planning needs a new ethos: 'mutuality'.

In the natural world, 'mutuality' is defined as 'the condition or state of reciprocity or sharing'. Symbiotic mutualisms occur when two interdependent organisms benefit each other through collaboration. Relationships like this are balanced, equitable and sustainable. To overcome the challenges of the next decade, planners should tap into this principle, by forging more mutually beneficial and open relationships between people, brands and their agencies.